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 Alien RP

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PostSubject: Alien RP    Sun Jan 16, 2011 7:46 pm

A Human spacecraft filled with a total of 26 people were sent to an Alien World orbiting a Gas giant. This world is called Hera, and the Gas Giant it orbits is called Zeus. A spacecraft before them with only one human on it was sent to this world. This person worked the machines to set up a large base on the Planet. This planet is covered with life, Almost like a large jungle. Around the base is a large fence, and in the fence holds a landing zone for other crafts. On the craft holding 26 people also contains vehicles to explore this world and research it's factor of life. After 3 weeks of living on the planet, all has been well. But suddenly, a Human Supply craft that came from a nearby colony that was about to land on the planet suddenly came crashing to the ground. Ever since that spaceship crashed, The colony will never remain the same again...

Okay! The rules are simple. Home
1. No Godmodding, basicly, you can't go around shooting everyone and call the RP over already.
2. Don't control someone elses character.
3. Only the owner of a character can decide if a character dies.
Pretty simple right? Creeper

Here is the character templates

First Name:
Last Name:
Profession (Job):
Short Biography:
Extra Details:
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Dreaming Mantis

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PostSubject: Character   Mon Jan 17, 2011 10:44 am

First Name: Drake
Last Name: Bergavor
Age: 25
Profession (Job): Engineer (and assassin)
Personality: Silent, but likes a good chat, fascinated by life in all forms.
Short Biography: He don`t say much and moves silently, one of his nicknames being "Shadow". He holds a disgust of people who thinks other life-forms are only there to be killed in sports.
Extra Details: Rarely wears anything other than black or grey (if he`s seen in other colours it`s usualy something that blends with that around him) except his engineering suit.
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PostSubject: Re: Alien RP    Wed Jan 19, 2011 4:21 pm

First Name: Artemis
Last Name: Vurricht
Age: 28
Profession (Job): Biologist And Astrophysicsist
Personality: He is a kind man, but curious. He also isn't stubborn but he will stick to his word if he knows it's 100% right.
Short Biography: Growing up on the American and European Mars Colony, he never really witnessed a wild environment. When he finished college as an Astrophysicsist on Mars, he won a lottery of going to Earth. After he arrived on Earth he was fascinated by the life on it, he went to college on Earth as a Biologist. Although, after one year of living on Earth, he noticed a lack of wilderness, only 28 large forests remained on Earth. He got a letter in the mail requesting him to go to a Colony on a planet named Hera. He instantly contacted the Space group and accepted.
Extra Details: His room on the Colony of Hera contains all different kind of wild plants on the planet, and a few insects in jars.
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PostSubject: Re: Alien RP    

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Alien RP
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