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 Without Contact RP

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PostSubject: Without Contact RP   Mon Nov 15, 2010 10:15 pm

A Human colony is placed on a planet 28 Lightyears from Earth, The planet is called 15 Serphias-D but nicknamed "Nemea". The Sun it orbits is called Serphias. The Colony started construction in 2375 and finished in 2423. It took this long because it took around 30 Years to get supplies. Once the Colony was finished, 800 people that had a profession of Mechanics, Engineering, physics and biology were sent to the planet free of charge. After the colony set up a messaging system with Earth, The population grew from 800 to 830. Also, Normal people could go to the Colony to live on it for an extremely expensive price. But more money is made on the colony for the same job on Earth. It's been 169 years since the Colony was finished and the year is currently 2592 and the Colony has grown along with technology. The Colony now has instant messaging with Earth that goes past the speed all humans thought was the limit. The trip now takes about 13 years (12 years and 8 months to be exact) and the populations is a surprizing 24,000. The price to go is also much cheaper, but still expensive. A ship going to the planet is about the leave this over crowded, polluted, and grey planet. And you're on that ship.

Okay! The rules are simple.
1. No Godmodding, basicly, you can't go around shooting everyone and call the RP over already.
2. A character controlled by a person cannot be killed by another character controlled by a player unless a rare agreement is made.
3. Don't control someone elses character.
Pretty simple right? Very Happy

Here is the character templates

First Name:
Last Name:
Profession (Job):
Class (Rich, Poor, Middle):
Short Biography:
Extra Details:
Picture(Not Required):

NOTE~~~ Pictures don't have to be you. They can be a drawing you made of a person or something similar.
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Without Contact RP
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